TRACE briefings from this year´s participants are ready

As a step in completing Publish What You Pay Norway´s TRACE programme , this year´s participants have worked together to produce short briefings on four topics that were selected as priorities, and that they have studied in-depth during the programme.

The topics are:

  • Topic 1: Contract transparency
  • Topic 2: Environmental issues related to EI
  • Topic 3: Indigenous Peoples´ Rights and EI
  • Topic 4: Illicit financial flows and secrecy jurisdictions

The work has resulted in the reports that can be downloaded below. The hope is that these briefings will be useful for those who did not have the chance to join in the programme, but would like insight into the topics.

The participants have worked together with external consultants on each topic: Ricardo Crespo, Matti Kohonen, Lily La Torre López and Susan Maples.

Download the full briefings here