OLD VERSION: An extended country-by-country reporting standard. A policy proposal to the EU.


NOTE: This is an old version of the report. In November 2013 we published a re-written and updated version, please find Version 2 via this page.

Sammendrag: 2/3 of the poorest people in the world live in resource rich countries. Natural resources has the largest value creation potential to mobilize own capital, but profit often ends up elsewhere. Today, the extractive industries can transfer significant profits out of the source country before it is taxed. One simple policy proposal will give investors and other constituents the instrument to follow their money.

What does the reporting template of the extended country-by-country reporting standard look like? Does the proposal cover Dodd-Frank?

For quick answers to this, and as an introduction to the extended country-by-country policy proposal, we have also made available a briefing note, with the reporting template.

See videos from the launch in Oslo, 19.11201

If you are interested in obtaining this old version of the report, please contact PWYP Norway via post@pwyp.no

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Frian Aarsnes, delvis basert på arbeidet til Richard Murphy
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