Videos and presentations from the Financial secrecy conference

*Did you miss the "Financial secrecy conference":conference in November, or would you like to revisit and share the speeches? Presentations and video material from the three day conference is now available.* h3. Day 1: _Society, secrecy and the global market_: Visit each speaker's page to find their presentation in pdf and their speech on film: * "Guttorm Schjelderup: Secrecy jurisdictions":conference/speaker/guttorm-schjelderup * "Frian Aarsnes: How the corporate market works. Anonymity in the global market":conference/speaker/frian-aarsnes * "Tim Daniel: Abacha. The kleptocrat's legacy":conference/speaker/tim-daniel * "Olav Lundstøl: Resources revenue management in Africa. The case of Zambia and Tanzania":conference/speaker/olav-lundstoel * "George A. Papandreou: The financial crisis and the challenges that confronted Greece, the cradle of democracy":conference/speaker/george-papandreou See the full video from day 1: h3. Day 2: _Facilitating secrecy_ Visit each speaker's page to find their presentation in pdf and their speech on film: * "Roger Schjerva: Norway's positions, interests and values":conference/speaker/roger-schjerva * "Jason Sharman: Untraceable shell companies and financial secrecy. An experiment":conference/speaker/jason-sharman * "Allison Christians: Legal circumventions. When does the form have to give way to the substance in tax matter":conference/speaker/allison-christians * "Merete Smith: Lawyer's duty of confidentiality and new ethical questions":conference/speaker/merete-smith * "Jack Blum: Legal privilege and international 'tax planning'":conference/speaker/jack-blum * "Lee A. Sheppard: Corporate tax planning and avoidance":conference/speaker/lee-sheppard * "Daniel Reeves: Offshore tax havens and the financial community that promotes, facilitates and enables them":conference/speaker/daniel-reeves * "Karstein J. Espelid: The Jahre case":conference/speaker/karstein-j-espelid See the full video from day 2: h3. Day 3: _Vested interests_ Visit each speaker's page to find their presentation in pdf and their speech on film: * "Frian Aarsnes: Vested interests":conference/speaker/frian-aarsnes * "Tina Søreide: Resistance against financial transparency in the South":conference/speaker/tina-soereide * "Stephen Baker: Some practical experiences in an offshore jurisdiction":conference/speaker/stephen-baker * "Prem Sikka: The Pin-Stripe Mafia. How accountancy firms destroy societies":conference/speaker/prem-sikka * "Niels Johannesen: The end of bank secrecy? An evaluation of the G20 tax haven crackdown":conference/speaker/niels-johannesen See the full video from day 3: