The TRACE programme: A PWYP Norway-initiative for civil society

Throughout resource rich countries, civil society working for accountability and transparency in the extractive industries report the need for access to knowledge, to strengthening capacity to work effectively on these issues, and to build arenas for networking and experience sharing. Aiming to meet this need, Publish What You Pay Norway initiated the Transparency and Accountability in Extractive Industries (TRACE) programme in 2008.

Target group

TRACE is tailor made in order to be relevant for representatives of NGOs, workers' unions and the media, from resource rich, developing countries.

Unique network

The TRACE programme provides a unique opportunity to connect, share ideas and learning, and work together across countries. The TRACE programme gives an opportunity for active learning of both theoretical and practical knowledge, experience and skills, so that participants in a more informed, effective and efficient manner put their learning to good use and into practice both before, during and after the programme.

Direct cooperation with civil society in South

Before, during and after the programme we seek to work together with the programme participants on relevant advocacy areas in order to connect the TRACE programme with our advocacy work. You will find information about the programme, past rounds and participants, and upcoming rounds through the menu on the right. We have a constant focus on what works well and why, and how we can do things better. Along the way, we have made smaller adjustments to the TRACE programme in order to make the most effective use of significant opportunities and address development changes and challenges. The TRACE programme is financed by Norad. During the different stages of the programme and its evolution different supporting partners have taken part. Their roles are diverse and have changed over the years. See more about the background of the programme and our partners.