JURK - a member organization of PWYP Norway

What does JURK work with?

JURK is a student-run, free legal aid service that works for women's rights on both a national and an international level. We provide free legal aid, information on rights and do policy work. 

Our international work consists of cooperation projects and managing funds to women's organizations that work on the same fields as us. 

Why did JURK choose to become a member organization of PWYP Norway?

The majority of women in the world are poor. Capital flight and lack of financial transparency result in resources leaving the country, this is money that should have been allocated to reducing poverty and discrimination.

Both in Norway and internationally, girls and women are subjected to human trafficking. By removing the organizers’ possibility to spend the profits generated from human trafficking, hopefully fewer girls and women will be victims of these practices.

Financial transparency is a tool that makes it more difficult to manage the economic profits generated from criminal activities. JURK recognizes the need to work on a structural level to strengthen the women’s rights. This is the reason behind us supporting PWYP Norway.