Videos: Interview with Nicholas Shaxson and Norwegian tax experts' discussion on tax havens and extractive industries

*See the videos from the launch of author and journalist Nicholas Shaxson´s book _Treasure Islands_. and the following debate at the House of Literature in Oslo 4th February 2011* Launch and interview with Nicholas Shaxson:  
Following the launch, Kjetil Wiedswang, commentator in Dagens Næringsliv, leads the debate with the following panelists: * Håvard Holterud, director, Oljeskattekontoret, * Kim Fredrik Giertsen, deputy dir., Skatt Øst * Frian Aarsnes, certified public auditor, EconPöyry * Hans Petter Tetmo, Skatterevisorforeningen and Tax Justice Network Norway * Prof. Frederik Zimmer, Department of public and international law, University of Oslo  
The videos are produced by Anders Bjørkheim. The event was financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the "Dialogue Project":
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