Selection criteria

Applicants to the programme have to be supported by a civil society organisation (NGO, workers’ union or media). *Selection criteria:* * The candidate must show motivation to participate in the programme and share knowledge from the programme with home network * The candidate must have the necessary language skills * The candidate must have experience from advocacy work related to extractive industries, corruption, capital flight and/or financial secrecy * A relevant educational background is an advantage *In addition, the organisation that the participant represents, should:* * Have transparency in extractive industries, corruption, revenue tracking, and preferably also capital flight and global financial secrecy, as a part its focus area. * If capital flight and financial secrecy are not areas currently addressed by the organisation, there should be an existing organisational interest in incorporating these areas into ongoing work and strategy. * The organisation must commit to give their candidate the necessary time and resources to participate in TRACE. *Other considerations* Other elements taken into consideration when selecting the group of participants, are: * Securing a critical mass of minimum 4 participants from each country * Gender balance