How is the programme structured?

The TRACE programme is designed around two interdependent modules. Module 2 builds on the knowledge gained in the previous module, and good results also depend on the work being done before and after each module.

The modules

The Modules are the meeting points for the participants during the programme, and are arranged as trainings or seminar of 1-2 weeks duration. Module 1 is implemented in Norway, while Module 2 is implemented some months later in one of the participating countries, with one of the participating organisations as host. Location and host organisation for Module 2 is decided upon during Module 1. During the modules, we have lectures and workshops on issues of financial transparency.

Between the modules

Between the modules, the participants are required to complete tasks that may include information sharing in home country, written work, or other. The task are to be completed alone, in groups or in cooperation with the home organisation. Participants also give input on training needs and report back to the group and to PWYP Norway on what they have done.