Call for applications - TRACE 2014-2015

Trace 2014-2015

The programme is aimed at civil society organisations that have a strong commitment to working for transparency and accountability in the extractive industries in their country. A particular feature of the programme is that we include NGOs, workers’ unions and the media in our target group, allowing for experience sharing across constituencies that rarely come together. Women are encouraged to apply!

We are currently accepting applications for the TRACE programme 2014-2015. The application deadline is the 1 September 2014.

Candidates from the following countries are accepted:

  • Ecuador
  • Bolivia
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala

Module 1 will be held in Oslo in November 2014. The seminar will be held during the weeks 46 and 47. Exact dats will be communicated at a later stage. All applicants must be able to travel to Oslo during this period. Module 2 will be held in one of the participating countries during the first half of 2015.

PWYP Norway will cover international air travel, hotel and three meals per day. PWYP Norway will not provide travel compensations (per diem) or cash refunds of any expenses incurred during travel or stay. Such compensation needs will be identified by the participant and the organisation well in advance, and any expenses will be covered by the organisation. 

Selection criteria

The individual programme participant has to represent and be supported by a civil society organisation (NGO, labour union or media) that meets the below mentioned criteria, and needs to have mid/advanced knowledge of the extractive industries as well as proven commitment to and experience from relevant advocacy work.

The participant’s affiliation with the supporting organisation is expected to last throughout the programme period. A declaration that must be signed by both the participant and the organisation and submitted with the application constitutes the basis for the participant’s presence in the programme. The organisation will not be able to replace the participant with another during the programme period. We strive to put together a gender-balanced group of participants, and women are especially encouraged to apply for the programme.

  • The candidate must show motivation to take part in the programme and must commit himself/herself to share the knowledge gained with his/her network.
  • The candidate needs to have the sufficient language skills.
  • The candidate must have experience from political advocacy work related to the extractive industry, corruption, capital flight and /or financial secrecy.
  • Relevant educational background is an advantage.

In addition to this, the organisation that the candidate represents should:

  • Have transparency in the extractive industry, corruption, “revenue tracking”, and preferably also capital flight and global financial secrecy as its focus areas. 
  • If capital flight and financial secrecy are not areas covered by the organization at the time of application, there should be an interest to include these in the organizations work.
  • The organisation must commit itself to give the candidate enough time and resources to fully participate in the TRACE programme.

Other factor to be considered by PWYP Norway:

Secure a minimum amount of participants from each country
Secure gender balance in the participant group

How to apply

In order to be considered for the programme, you must complete the following steps:

STEP 1) Prepare the declaration form

Download, print and fill in the declaration form (follow the link below)
The form must be signed by you and by a representative from your organisation.
Proceed to scan the signed form, and have it ready to upload with your application.
The form should preferably be uploaded in .pdf format.

Declaration form.pdf

STEP 2) Prepare a photo

You have to upload a photo with your application, so make sure you have a photo (headshot) ready before you start.
The photo should preferably be in colour
The photo should preferably be uploaded in .jpg format.

The declaration and the photo are the only two attachments you need to prepare. Any other attachments to your application will not be processed.

STEP 3) Fill in your application online

Go to the online application form by following the below link.
Fill in all the questions.
Upload your photo and declaration when prompted to do so, and submit the application electronically.
PS: If you choose to exit your online application to continue later, you will be asked to create a password. Please take good care of your password. If you forget it, you will have to start the application over again.

Start the online application

Application deadline: 1 September 2014

If you need help

If you need technical assistance or have difficulties using the online form, or if you have any other questions, please contact us by email:

What happens next?

All applicants will be notified when the screening is complete and the selection has been made, approximately three weeks after the application deadline.